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Ben Caine

Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Redsox Fan.

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Maddux is a flexible robot manipulator simulation environment written in pure Python. It was created to make it easy to experiment with different learning algorithms to have a robot arm perform various tasks. Maddux was written by me and Colin Kohler as part of our final project for Robert Platt’s Robotics Course.

Maddux Supports

  • Arbitrary Length Arms
  • Forward Kinematics
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Simulation Environment (with objects like Balls, Targets, Obstacles)
  • 3D Environment Animations
  • 3D Arm Animations
  • End Effector Position, Velocity

You can read full documentation here or check out the source on Github.

Plotted Arm with Obstacles

Maddux Arm

Animated Arm (Trained via Reinforcement Learning)

Maddux Animation