Maddux is a Python language software package for the creation, experimentation, and visualization of robotic manipulators interacting with simulated environments.

With Maddux, you can create arbitrary robot manipulators consisting of a set of links defined by their DH parameters, and use these manipulators in custom environments. Designed to be easily modified, it is ideal for setting up experiments to have arms learn to perform new tasks.


Maddux was created to have a simple, hackable tool to quickly experiment with teaching a robot arm to perform different tasks. The simulation environments are not meant to be realistic, or have real world constraints. Instead, the focus is on quickly setting up an experiment to test out an idea.

Why the name?

Maddux is named after Greg Maddux, a retired MLB pitcher who is widely viewed as the best control pitcher to ever play. Known for his impecable mechanics, command, composure, and wit, he is everything a robot arm can hope to be.